The cab solution

Cabsolutely is giving the cab industry a digital upgrade! With one click, you can dispatch the cab closest to you, from any cab company. Hailing a licensed driver has never been so fast and convenient. Join today and get these cool gifts for free!

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Step 1: Call a cab

Just tap the button to request a pickup. You'll get matched with a professional cab driver from one of our cab company partners. Don't worry, wherever you are we know who to call.

Step 2: We tell you when the cab arrived

Track your driver's route and ETA in the app. You'll also see a photo of your driver and their cab, so you always know who you're riding with.

Step 3: Pay easily

When the ride ends, the app securely charges payment from your saved credit card. No need to carry cash!


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We'll give you $100 worth of free cab rides.

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