Some people collect action figures. Others are passionate about their local sports team. But us? We’re obsessed with cabs and bringing the taxi industry into a new era.

By combining cutting edge technology with the professionalism of cab drivers, we’re giving riders choice, reliability, and ease. So instead of calling a cab, now riders have the option of just tapping a button to hail a ride, pay, and rate their experience. It’s what the industry has been missing for too long.

For fleets, we’re providing a full solution for their business. So they can manage drivers and fares more efficiently. And drivers can use enhanced navigation technology to better serve riders. And get more riders. This makes the complete ride experience better, easier, and more fulfilling for everyone involved. And makes Cabsolutely absolutely the best way to ride.

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Our Team


Virag Reti


Virag brings unmatched skills to project management and working with software developers. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (with honors) as well as university instructor experience in mathematics and software development, she makes Cabsolutely run like a well-oiled machine. Plus, Virag’s interest in bringing a better ride experience to the world works well with her hobby of finding new foods to eat wherever she goes.


Andras Simon


Andras has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and graduated with honors. He is an international talent in software development as a Certified Ethical Hacker (hired to break software systems, provide recommendations for improvement, and execute). His talents were most recently displayed working for CERN, the world's largest particle accelerator in Switzerland. Andras loves riding motorcycles and taking care of his bunny. He’s even thinking of getting a small side cart along with a tiny helmet and leather chaps so his fluffy friend can ride along.


Andras Fabian


Andras has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and is well versed in computer science, specifically mobile software development. There is not a software problem that he can’t fix. He is also the main creator and manager of our iOS passenger application. But nothing makes Andras’s software harder than fresh powder and a snowboard. Along with a GoPro strapped to his helmet, so we can watch his gnarly wipeouts over and over again.


Tamas Meszaros


Tamas is a certified architect and a creative designer. He is proficient in several creative fields — from UX design to graphic design to video editing. His passion for great design and user experience drives him in his support of software development. Also, Tamas is a huge film buff. Though, once he peels himself off the couch, he enjoys hiking deep in to the mountains. Which sounds like the plot to a bad horror movie. Be careful of the hillbilly zombies, Tamas!


Balazs Fabian


Balazs is working on his computer science degree at Budapest University of Technology and Economics. But don’t be fooled though — he’s still a student, he is very gifted. In his first few months with us, he developed for iOS. Soon after, he trained himself and is now in charge of our Android passenger app. Give him another year, and we’re pretty sure he’ll build a time machine. And when Balazs isn’t busy building incredible software or attending class, he enjoys skipping class to attend music festivals. Sometimes he even dances. You should see him do the robot. It’s funky fresh.